Lesson 2 – Searcing for a Niche

Why are renewable energy projects failing to receive the same degree of support from the financial community and the government that nuclear does?

  • There are many reasons as to why renewable energy projects fail to see the same support from the financial community and the government like nuclear does but we are seeing a change as we speak. For one, Nuclear has been around for a lot longer than the renewable energy sector and with all things the unknown causes fear. Nuclear has a stable financial background, and understanding of what is needed and what it takes, whereas renewable energy is in a massive growing period thus many people do not want to be the example or the test of what goes right and what goes wrong. There is more policies talk regarding renewable energy and the more talk there is, the less political boundaries their will be. We are starting to  see bigger companies take on renewable energy like Google and when they see the amount of potential profit there is the other big business companies will follow. Where the money flows, so will big business.


What niche opportunities do you see for entrepreneurs in the global development of renewable energy sources?

  • Energy efficiency was not well known 10 years ago to the general public. There were your usual “tree huggers” that were labeled too extreme when it came to supporting a renewable energy lifestyle. Now more than ever energy is a big topic wit almost anyone you talk too. The news outlets and popular culture have now taken the subject of conserving our resources to the masses and being energy efficient is now considered the norm.  A niche I could see is particularly with the solar industry.  Just 5 years ago placing solar on one house would cost upwards of 50,000 whereas now days the same system can go up for less than half that. The problem is all the red tape and paperwork the solar consumer has to do to get the solar up and running. I feel there needs to be companies that can cut through the red tape and streamline solar at a time efficient and money efficient way. I feel solar is going to be the next energy gold rush and were at the tipping point.



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  1. Energy efficiency is absolutely crucial for solar power to become a cost effective strategy. The panels must take full advantage of the sunlight provided to produce enough electricity to power a home or business. While the costs continue to drop and tax breaks for alternative energy users continue, there will only be more solar users. As the industry makes more revenues they will be able to improve technology in installment and efficiency.

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