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The effect of greater decentralization of power generation is that there will be a larger variety of the different ways that energy is produced in the world. The focus on coal and oil is in the foreground right now, followed by gas and shale. By having different forms and sources of energy available to us, there will be a better distribution of energy usage and far less gross overuse.

There are many new businesses that will and have evolved in the ever-changing landscape of today’s world. There are businesses that are working towards a more efficient way to transport people and materials, while others are focused more on building more efficient machines to do the same. Others businesses are finding ways to protect the environment and ecosystems, or studying ways to use renewable resources. There are also businesses that are working towards finding efficient ways to produce energy and created electricity.

I see myself working for a company in a green energy field and someday developing a business of my own in this field. I currently work in the nuclear energy field and, although it is interesting and I have learned much, I desire to work in a field that is able to provide a more safe and sustainable way to generate energy for our planet. I am fascinated by the different ways that humans can produce energy, and I have wanted to be a part of this for a long time now. I have young children, and I hope that one day the youth of our world will have a more sustainable future to look forward to.

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  1. “By having different forms and sources of energy available to us, there will be a better distribution of energy usage and far less gross overuse.” In addition, a more diverse group of sources can help keep price from fluctuating due to competition between sources. Might I ask what kind of work you do in the nuclear field? A relative of mine is a nuclear physicist. His biggest concern is about what should be done with the leftover material.
    – Marielle

    • I currently work at a nuclear power plant in the security field, not my dream job but it pays the bills and allows me to attend school. I also have a concern with what to do with leftover nuclear material. Currently it is stored at locations all around the United States, which was not the intention of nuclear power plants. There definitely needs to be change in what we do with spent nuclear materials.

  2. You should look into working with an electric cooperative. They are gaining popularity in PA due to deregulation having now been in effect for over a decade. You can help partner communities and commercial developments with a contracted electricity supply of their choosing, focusing on wind, solar, gas, etc. I think there will be many opportunities for consultants in this field.


    • Chris,
      Thanks for the advice. I currently work at a nuclear power plant, however I would like to transfer into another field in energy. I knew about the deregulation, but it hasn’t affected my current job directly. Consulting is only one option that I am considering. A lot of companies want to do the more energy efficient things, but have little to no guidance on where to go from there.

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