“Personal Power Systems”- Your source for limitless energy by Jonathan Barnes

          I believe personal, sustainable power systems will be the future.  They will be the final frontier in human developed energy production. The days of dependency on foreign or domestic sources of energy are dwindling. The decentralization of not just energy, but the decentralization of everything is the way of the future. There will always be entities trying to get customers “hooked” to lifelong products and services. (i.e. big pharma, big food, etc.) However, the world has come to a point where resources are scarcer than ever, actual future viability is questioned and I truly believe someone, somewhere is working on an idea that will touch on the American and more simply, human right, to personal freedom as it extends to all aspects of life on this planet to include personal energy consumption and supply. The technology will arrive soon specifically because of the current economics of energy. It will look like some sort of power pack, probably the size of a cell phone yet it will have the ability to plug in and be plugged into. It will allow various charging options like solar, pendulum motion energy, magnetism, and traditional grid electricity.  It will have sufficient power to charge “personal traveling machines” that may have the ability to fly, ride, or sail. As well as hook to public transportation track or rail systems that will be 100% powered through maglev or sustainable energy. You might then take your personal “traveler” to far away destinations and only be responsible for the power from say your home to the terminal. The real key or future issue I think is to make sure we do it right this time. No single entity should be the benefactor of the tremendous wealth generating possibility of future high efficiency limitless personal energy. However, there is tremendous opportunity for products and services that will complement this new future…

2 thoughts on ““Personal Power Systems”- Your source for limitless energy by Jonathan Barnes

  1. I don’t believe that everything will be decentralized, most of the bureaucratic and corporate power will always be centralized to large corporations and the United States Government. Unfortunately there always has to be a leader, or main provider/manufacturer of a product or service because they are the ones that are capable of distributing and envisioning how they want their service/good utilized. Companies work much better with one person in charge rather than ten people competing for power. Your idea for power packs sound interesting, they would be very useful, but i’m not sure how viable they would be and if they would be even utilized for good. I can imagine them falling into the wrong hands and be used in weapons and other degenerative devices. Very creative post however, nice job.

  2. Really interesting post Jonathan. I like your vision for the future of personal energy systems. It does seem like we are seeing the beginnings of this type of technology, it will be interesting to see how the industry continues to innovate. A personal energy pack would totally change the way the world works and the turn the energy industry completely upside down.

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