Lesson 11 Final Blog – Amy Johnson

The effect of greater decentralization of power generation is that there will be a larger variety of the different ways that energy is produced in the world. The focus on coal and oil is in the foreground right now, followed by gas and shale. By having different forms and sources of energy available to us, there will be a better distribution of energy usage and far less gross overuse.

There are many new businesses that will and have evolved in the ever-changing landscape of today’s world. There are businesses that are working towards a more efficient way to transport people and materials, while others are focused more on building more efficient machines to do the same. Others businesses are finding ways to protect the environment and ecosystems, or studying ways to use renewable resources. There are also businesses that are working towards finding efficient ways to produce energy and created electricity.

I see myself working for a company in a green energy field and someday developing a business of my own in this field. I currently work in the nuclear energy field and, although it is interesting and I have learned much, I desire to work in a field that is able to provide a more safe and sustainable way to generate energy for our planet. I am fascinated by the different ways that humans can produce energy, and I have wanted to be a part of this for a long time now. I have young children, and I hope that one day the youth of our world will have a more sustainable future to look forward to.

Understanding the Cost of Capital – Amy Johnson

Understanding the Cost of Capital

In the ever-evolving realm of sustainable energy and entrepreneurship, there are many things that need to be considered when a person begins the process of starting a business.  When anyone starts their own company or business, they all need the same things: an idea or concept to offer others, ways to produce the idea or concept, and CAPITAL.

My idea for a company would be one that offers education to the public and consulting on energy efficiency. Because this is an idea that has been done, but on a much smaller scale, I would need to convince a potential funder that my company would be capable of reaching a much larger community. This would mean that there would be a much larger number of customers, which, in turn, leads to more profit.

Some of the key things that I need to be able to explain to a potential funder of my project are that this concept is not offer education and consulting, which will actually pay off everyone in the long run. When people use less energy, due to energy efficiency, the entire planet will benefit. Also education is an invaluable thing that would be helpful in working toward other future goal in creating a more sustainable future.

            I would use the Return on Investment calculation to explain our potential for success in the market.  This calculation is:

I would also have to take into consideration additional costs such as licensing of educators and counselors, to get a certification to advise and teach.

Lesson 3 What have we learned

Policy on energy efficiency is lacking, largely due to lack of expectations and guidelines on the current technologies today. Energy efficiency and sustainability is something that most see as a necessity in the far distant future, not in our lifetime. In reality, the sooner the world comes to recognize that importance of becoming energy efficient, the sooner we have a chance of correcting some of the impact of emissions into the atmosphere.

I believe that a policy that the government could use to promote energy efficiency would be one that regulates output of harmful emissions. If companies were charged for their output of emissions, they would be more inclined to develop more energy efficient processes. Energy companies produce what is necessary to keep themselves in business, and often are not overly concerned with the negative impacts their production processes may have. Another policy that should be implemented by government is one that offers guidelines, although they are not established yet, on what businesses and energy companies are expected to do in regards to incorporating energy efficient practices. Policies that explain the amount of energy a company could be able to produce with their own form of sustainable energy, as compared to the larger amount of energy from non-renewable sources.

If I were to develop a business that has the potential to move the idea of energy efficiency forward, I believe that I would need to find an aspect of the energy efficiency ‘business’ that isn’t as well developed. I believe that a good place to start a company would be in consulting or in regulation of energy efficient practices. At this time there really is no ‘guidelines’ to follow or expectations on what are good practices. I believe that, with regulation and consulting, these guidelines could be established firmly and allow for future developments. The move toward energy efficiency and a more sustainable future is only in the fledgling stages. There are so many opportunities that can be seized in working towards this goal.

Lesson 2: Searching for the Niche

Renewable energy projects are failing to receive the same degree of support from the financial community and the government that nuclear energy does because nuclear is a highly effective and long-standing opponent in the energy making game. There are nuclear plants all around the world, and they are all producing massive amounts of energy for their customers. Nuclear plants and companies provide thousands of jobs worldwide, and have the reputation to go with this. At one time many people were afraid of nuclear power plants, but after much information and scientific studies were completed, people’s fears were eased on the harm that a nuclear plant can do on a daily basis. It is a very rare thing for something like Chernobyl to occur, and people have become complacent in seeing the tall stacks in the sky and not being afraid for their health. Governments also have large amounts invested into nuclear plants and promoting them, as they are the best, and most practiced form of renewable energy available that works effectively at this time.

The niche opportunities that I see for entrepreneurs in the global development of renewable energy sources are on the customer end and promotion of renewable energy. There is already vast technologies in the world today for wind power, hydroelectric, solar, geothermal, and nuclear, etc. There are existing companies that produce energy from these renewable resources and do so effectively. Of course improvements to the technologies being used would be an idea for an entrepreneur to pursue, but this would involve the need for expertise in those areas. For the average person without a degree in engineering, science, physics, etc., there are many opportunities to interact with people to help offer and promote renewable energy sources. This could be done in the form of consulting, promoting, or offering tours and information about the options available to people of renewable energy sources.

Introduction – Amy Marrero

My name is Amy Marrero and I am a junior working towards a Bachelor in Energy and Sustainability Policy through Penn State World Campus. I grew up in a very small town in Wisconsin, where the total population was (when I lived there) 2,010 people. I left Wisconsin to enlist in the military and have lived in several different states since. I now reside in close to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania with my two daughters. I currently work in the energy industry, however, I desire to find a job in the green energy business field. I am very interested in wind energy and hydro, and I would like to help make them a part of our energy grid on a large scale. This course is a requirement for my major and I believe that in the course I might gather information about how to go off on my own to establish an entrepreneurship in green energy.

Coming straight from the military to a civilian job in the energy industry, I have never had the time or money to start my own business. When I was young I babysat several people’s children, and I even advertised my services to get more customers. I would not consider this an entrepreneurship, however because it was only myself making money so that I could pay for my old cellphone. My desire to promote green and renewable energy sources could be a major asset in starting an entrepreneurship. I would enjoy starting my own business that helps people to install wind turbines at the own home, helps them get funding, and perform studies and follow-up on the status of their energy use. A business that helped people ease into a different form of renewable energy would have a major impact on the renewable energy industry.