Welcome to the Eco-Preneur Times!

The ENGR 312 Course Blog – “The Eco-Preneur Times” will be used throughout the  learning activities of this course. You should see it as way to explore business opportunities relevant to the course objectives.  As a class we will use it to gather information, resources, your own opinions and reflections.  It is hoped that as you post to the  “The Eco-Preneur Times” blog and comment on the posts of others that you will get a chance to ‘meet’ other students in the class. So, please do think of this as a way to ‘introduce’ yourself to other students in the class.

PLEASE NOTE: Other courses may hold discussions in ANGEL, and being within the course management system these posts in ANGEL are viewable only by the others in the class.  The intention of  the “The Eco-Preneur Times” blog is different.  What you will be publishing will be viewable by others on the internet interested in these topics.  Our goal is to create a repository that others will find valuable as they investigate and think about these topics.  There will be very few ‘right answers’.  Instead it is your participation in this building of a common pool of information that is the goal.