Influences in a changing world – MSWALE

I believe alternative energy will continue to grow in multiple forms not only for the sake of creating electricity but to also run “off-the-grid” type equipment such as aquaponics (for food), turbine powered water purifiers, solar sills, geothermal power plants, etc. I don’t believe decentralization will ever get to a point that stops electrical utility companies from having a monopoly but I do think alternative resources will continue to grow as more people understand the importance in protecting the environment and consequences to nonrenewable resources (higher costs in the future). Currently there are utility companies that do have “green” options available so you can choose energy created for renewable resources rather than coal or natural gas, but of course you pay a little more for it.

For me I plan on being in a business that utilizes all natural and sustainable resources available to protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. After my masters in architecture I plan to design LEED certified residential homes that utilize the resources around it, use green and energy efficient material, etc. I hope to change the way people view homes and communities, but that’s a few years down the road. 🙂

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