Hello all, my name is Brian, and I’m a resident of Bethlehem PA. I currently work full time doing warehouse work, spend time with the fam, and try to sneak in time for schoolwork. I am currently majoring in Energy & Sustainability Policy at Penn State’s World Campus, and I hope once I complete my program to find employment in the exciting and dynamic energy field.

One thing I’ve done to jump start my career is develop my LinkedIn profile. It’s still in development…. I have to tweak my resume to fit the career goals… but I figured it’s not too early to start. Brandi Robinson, my ESP advisor, actually started a discussion thread for those seeking some insight into our future beyond the degree. I’d love to see some other ESP majors in there; the more connections we can make within our program and field, the better 🙂

I hope to make many connections both through these classes and through our major. I look forward to many insightful and stimulating conversations!

Hello from Kayla Kal !

Hello class, my name is Kayla Kalinoski. I am from Scranton, PA (home of “The Office”) I currently reside in State College, PA. I spent my two first years of college attending Penn State’s University Park campus, pretty undecided about my degree choice. Last fall, I found Energy and Sustainability offered through Penn State World Campus and fell in love with learning. I am particularly interested in studying solar energy. This past summer I attended Energy Path 2014 in Reading, PA. It consisted of five days worth of classes and a conference. It was a wonderful experience to be among professionals and students alike. I gained a lot of knowledge I hope I can share with others this year. I am also really looking forward to gaining insight from my peers, especially those who are already thriving within the field of renewable energies.

This past summer, I also began working on an internship at Penn State. It was an entrepreneurial endeavor involving selling smoothies from a student-designed solar powered smoothie cart. I did not get to work on the project for long due to a family emergency, but I did admire the project as a whole. The cart operated on busy streets in downtown State College and was mainly used to raise awareness about solar energy and that it is a feasible source of energy. I got to speak to many onlookers and educate them on solar energy. It was also a good day whenever our business would make a profit, sadly that didn’t occur often. If all businesses switched to renewable energies rather than relying mainly on electricity, it would be great!

Hello from Anthony Valentino

My name is Anthony Valentino and I reside in Las Vegas Nevada. I was raised here so I know this place like the back of my hand. I am currently a power trader for my states energy company and my hopes are to one day lead the renewables department. I love to learn about anything energy so this course is right up my alley. I look forward to learning from all of you.





Danielle DeBoer

My name is Danielle DeBoer, I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT – however, I have lived briefly in both Youngstown, OH as well as Austin, TX.  My current line of work is in Human Resources and Accounting, as exciting as that all sounds I would really like to get out of it and pursue a career in environmental consulting.  I think living in the western United States, there is great potential for sustainable energy to become quite popular among corporations and residents, but it’s going to take discussing dollars and figures before people are willing to make the big switch considering so much of this side of the U.S. was founded on cheap coal energy.

I haven’t started my own business but at the moment I do assist my parents in running theirs.  They currently own about 10 rental properties within the state and we do all of the property maintenance, rental agreements and tenant screening ourselves.  No middleman.  Of course, once someone has signed the rental agreement, the business is very low-maintenance so it thankfully doesn’t take too much time out of my day to help them with this venture.  On a local level, I think a business that provided smart home integration would be quite successful out here.  What I mean by that is educating residents how to incorporate energy efficient upgrades in to their existing infrastructure, tying it all in to a home network where the owner can then monitor the efficiency of their appliances, water/sewer/trash output, and remotely manage all facets of these upgrades.  Our local utility company does offer to send an energy auditor out to give residents feedback on what changes can be made, however, I think it would also be neat to tie this in to remote monitoring and managing, similar to how security systems now let residents tap in to the cameras they have installed around their homes.

Because of the topography out here, geothermal, solar, and wind are all viable means of off-grid energy maintenance and having the ability to manage what is operating and when would provide the user a great sense of independence from the grid.  And with these technologies becoming more popular over the recent years, the cost for upgrading is reducing at a reasonable rate, which makes the ROI much more appealing.

Lesson 1 – Getting to know Dominique Wells

Hello ENGR 312 Classmates! My name is Dominique Wells and I’m a 25 year old Washington, DC native, currently living and working in the city. I grew up in different parts of Prince Georges County, MD and NE, Washington, DC. I enjoy traveling quite a bit and love experiencing new places however I’ve never taken residence outside of the area, probably because I like DC best.

Currently, I’m federally employed at the US Department of Energy (DOE) in the Office of Oil and Natural Gas as a Program Management Analyst; I’ve been with this office 5 years. A lot of my responsibilities revolve around annual reports to congress and federal advisory committee actions, which were initially very interesting however now they’re much not fun. I’ve been so influenced by the work being done on other projects from my office that it encouraged me to enroll in Penn State’s Energy and Sustainability Policy (ESP) program 2-3 years ago and I haven’t looked back since. The majority of the coursework (this class included) has supported my transition toward furthering my career in more energy specific endeavors within DOE.

Tapping into my personal entrepreneurial experience, I have started a business once before however it was nothing relative to energy. During my senior year in high school and following the 2 years thereafter, I ran a clothing line that mainly consisted of t-shirts, hoodies, and other tops for men and women. The line gained some success and even made some profit but eventually I discovered it wasn’t something I wanted to pursue long term.

The type of business I could see having a significant impact on the renewable energy industry is one that made the production and installation of solar panels simpler and more affordable for the masses. Although tax deductions (in applicable states) are encouraging, the initial high price to purchase and install solar panels versus the long term benefit is still discouraging to those who don’t have thousands of dollars laying around.dominique wells

Hello fellow classmates! :)

Hello, my name is Maryann Swale & I am a senior at Penn State working on a bachelors in business with a concentration in energy & finance. I currently live in Albany, New York (for about 3 years now) but I am originally from California & Arizona. I have an associates in fine art with a concentration in welding & woodworking & after I graduate in the spring 15′ I will go on to pursue a masters in architecture. My passion is to open my own architecture firm & design & build self-sustainable, green buildings and homes.

In my spare time I love doing anything art related, lately I have been into restoration of old, antique furniture. I also love being outdoors and playing with our adorable puppy Hazel. I look forward to getting to know & work with everyone in this class! Good luck this semester!


Hi Everyone, My name is Jim!

My full name is James R. Martin but most everyone calls me Jim or Jimmy. I was born and raised in Uniontown, PA but now live in Greensburg, PA with my fiance, 3 dogs and 3 cats. I am currently working for an Engineering firm that conducts business in virtually all facets of engineering. My current title is Project Manager as I do manage small design and construction projects. I am enrolled in the ESP program pursuant of a BA to help advance my career in hopes to become a PM for Renewable Energy Projects.

My interest in this course is initial to the fact that it is a requirement but I’m sure that will change as we progress through it.

I have not started a business but I have tried and I must say it is seemingly very difficult, at least from a time availability standpoint.

I do often think that a energy/energy efficiency consulting business would be something to do as a small business. I deal with many homeowners and contractors that are ignorant to the fact of available technology that will help them save money as well as be cognizant of the environment.

I look forward to being a part of this course with all of you.

All the best,


Hello All!!

Hello fellow classmates!  My name is Laura Hammonds and this is my fourth semester at Penn State World Campus.  I’m in the Energy and Sustainability Policy degree program.  I currently reside in Michigan, where I’ve lived for the past twenty one years.  I had the pleasure of growing up surrounded by three colleges which made the decision of where to seek further education difficult.  I chose Penn State because of their online degree programs and their cost effective nature.  I would rather enjoy to work with the oil industry to phase out fossil fuels and incorporate their energy knowledge into a sustainable future.  My interest in this course is to gain an understanding of how to use entrepreneurship in the energy sector as an alternative to going into government when I’m finished with my degree.

Although age is no excuse, in my twenty one years of life I have yet to undertake any business ventures.  I’m shy by nature and business is heavy on communication.  A business that combined traditional energy such as oil with new ideas and technology regarding sustainability might help break down the barriers between the old and the new.  Sustainability is the kiss of death to fossil fuels and those who profit from fossil fuels will fight to the last drop if they aren’t shown what else could be profitable.

Hi! I’m Abby!

Hello everyone. I’m Abby Watson, a 28-year-old wind energy professional just starting my fifth semester as a Penn State World Campus student. I am majoring in Energy and Sustainability Policy because I discovered a passion for renewable energy about 8 years ago while working for a construction risk management company that specialized in utility-scale renewable energy projects. My primary experience deals with the business side of renewable energy and I have found this program to be invaluable in regards to understanding and anticipating the policy changes that impact real-world business outcomes.

I grew up in central Maine in a big farming family that raised sheep and chickens and other small livestock and I moved to Philadelphia when I was 18 to attend Bryn Mawr College. I studied geology at Bryn Mawr for two years before I had to make the difficult choice to leave due to financial aid complications, but as luck would have it I found a good job shortly thereafter that resulted in a career in renewable energy that has included solar, wind, energy efficiency, and other technologies. At the same time, I discovered a strong interest in business and the way capitalism works and became very motivated to apply the principles of sound business management and entrepreneurship to promote the success of renewable energy.

Personally, I have not yet started a business of my own, but have been developing an idea for several years that I’m hoping to launch shortly after finishing school that focuses on providing cutting edge and modern media campaigns and public education programming for sustainable businesses of all types. I feel that renewable energy and sustainability issues suffer from a lack of competitiveness in terms of reaching a wide audience and delivering effective, impactful messaging. I am hoping to apply my experience in sales, marketing, and this educational program to provide a solution to those issues.

Bret Cole Introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Bret Cole. I was born and still living just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in a town called Aliquippa. I am studying in the Energy and Sustainability Policy program, minoring in Energy Business and Finance through the Penn State World Campus. I am hoping to pursue a career in the solar, or Bio-gas technology industries after graduation. My primary interest in this course is not only to fulfill my requirements, but to also get a further understanding on sustainability ethic and the roles that it can play in the energy business industry. There are many great ideas with sustainable practices with and without renewable energy resources. But most of them lack backup in answering the fundamental question, “how is this going to make me money?” No matter what, that is the primary reason businesses are in business is to make money, and it is really important to have proof while either proposing to investors or a board of directors for an idea. I hope to gain some of that insight while working through this course.

I have never started my own business nor have I ran my own business. I have done interviews with small business owners as while as volunteered at small businesses. During those instances, I was introduced to the daily workings, management, finances, and competition of these small businesses. I give praise to owners for all the work that they do. A business that I could imagine having a significant impact on the renewable energy industry would be a Bio-gas technology generating business that can provide this type of technology cheaper and more effectively to dairy, livestock, and poultry farmers. Bio-gas generation has many benefits to farmers and energy creation and getting this technology to farmers would be great impact in the renewable energy industry in the U.S.

Introduction – Jennifer Bechtel

My name is Jennifer Bechtel and I am working towards my BA-ESP (Energy and Sustainability Policy). I still have a way to go given the few classes that I can take at any one time because of a full-time job and full-time mom duties for a very busy pre-teen who is also a competitive gymnast. I live just South of Denver, CO although I grew up on the East Coast and spent my formative years in Philadelphia. I call Philadelphia my “home town” but was born in Virginia and spent time on all three coasts. I admit that it is a bit strange being land-locked although it is beautiful out here and possibly the best place to get through a winter season since snow does not hang around long.

I have worked in the upstream oil & gas business for more than 10 years now in a variety of positions. Currently, my position is that of a lead drilling tech for a large, independent oil and gas exploration and production company based in Houston with offices here in Denver. I began my career in oil and gas when a former colleague identified me as someone who possessed a great skill set to work in the regulatory field and gave me a position as a senior regulatory analyst. In that position, I handled all regulatory affairs for the Rocky Mountain division of another oil and gas company and found I had a talent for working together with federal and state agencies toward a mutually beneficial goal. I do not know yet where this degree will take me but I am leaving myself open for possibilities.

My interest in this course is primarily to satisfy my core requirements. However, I have always wanted to find my own niche and am intrigued by wealth of entrepreneurship opportunities in the energy field.

Eli Roth Intro

Hello my name is Eli Roth and I was born and raised in Pittsburgh.  I currently live in State College.  I am an Energy and Sustainability Policy major through the World Campus so I am very acclimated to online courses. I’d like to have a career doing fulfilling work pushing the need for alternative energy sources.  This course will give be a good base for how to go about pursuing business practices which will promote sustainable energy use.

I have never started a business or ran a business. I have worked sparingly in the service industry where I did see the day to day stress of managing an entire entity. In my opinion I have always considered a chain restaurant where everything is run on renewable sources to be a great impact on the industry.  Could you imagine every McDonald’s using wind and solar energy?  The exposure would be huge and would present the public with a feasible situation where renewables are widely utilized.

Barnes -Lesson 1

Hello everyone my name is Jonathan Barnes, most people call me Jonny. I live in North Huntingdon, Pa. and though I spent the past 6 years away from Pennsylvania, I’ve basically been born and raised here. I really want to be passionate about whatever career I choose. To be completely honest, I still don’t know exactly what it will be but that makes me very excited and hopeful. I’m specifically interested in this course because I truly believe the world is in a unique time where paradigms shift daily. I believe the systems we decide to use for future energy use will have an enormous impact on the future and I want to be a part of it.

In middle school my best friend Dave and I would convince his dad to drive us to the bulk candy store and we would buy bulk candy then turn around and sell it individually to kids in school and make a profit. We also turned that business into a homemade beef jerky and snow removal service (we were dynamic at age 12). Other than that, I’ve never started a business. I feel global oil businesses have the greatest impact on the renewable energy industry.

All About Bethany Steiner

Hello! My name is Bethany Steiner and I am majoring in Energy and Sustainability Policy. I received a General Studies: Associate of Science degree from the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) in May of 2012. Since then, I have continued my education online through the World Campus. I am expected to graduate in the spring of 2015. I live right outside Pittsburgh, PA and have been in this area my whole life. I work in a grooming salon as a dog bather and I really enjoy working with animals. My employer has been trying to send me to grooming school for three years now, but I won’t go since it will interfere with my main goal to obtain a bachelors degree. After I graduate I want to do something that will help the environment. I am not too sure what that will be but time will tell! I love nature and I would like to help keep it beautiful so future generations can enjoy it as much as I do.

I am interested in learning as much as I can in this class, as I am sure it will benefit me in the future. I have never owned my own business but I know a few people who do. My father owns his own automotive repair center so I do know how much work goes into having a business. While I never gave much thought to the final question for this blog, I think a hybrid solar powered car would be an interesting idea. As we should be trying to get away from gasoline, I think energy efficient vehicles are the way of the future. If a vehicles energy could come from renewable energy that would be great!

Getting to Know Liston Jackson

Hello class,

My name is Liston and like many of you, I’m an ESP student. This will be my sixth semester at World Campus, and while I still have about a year to go, I’ve been steadily making progress. I am originally from northern Virginia (the D.C. suburbs) and I’m currently serving active duty U.S. Coast Guard and stationed in Chicago. I am still in the process of figuring out what career I will pursue. As I’ve taken courses in the ESP program I know I want to work in the renewable energy field. I am just not sure exactly what form that will take. Will it be working on energy policy, energy finance, sales, consulting, etc? I hope this course will help me better understand sustainability entrepreneurship and the types of careers available.

I have never started a business. In fact, aside from a few summer jobs in high school, most of my adult working life has been spent in the military and not in private business. I have been trying to learn more about solar energy and ways to make it more practical and profitable to increase solar energy use. Companies like SolarCity, which pays all upfront installation costs, are coming up with unique ways to increase their business and I’d like to learn more about how they are accomplishing it.




Introduction – Rob Fulton

Hello Class! I am Rob Fulton and I starting my 3rd year of taking courses with World Campus in pursuit of an ESP degree. I currently reside in Orange County, California. After having grown up here, I joined the U.S. Navy spending 20 years on active duty and retiring. I have lived in numerous locations and have visited on 27 nations on every continent besides Europe. I do hope to visit a few countries there someday.

I currently work as an engineer in Newport Beach, CA at a cogeneration facility. I have been in the energy/power production field for 27 years now. I enjoy what I do immensely. I am in pursuit of this degree to gain insight into sustainability policy, having an ambition to serve the public, probably as a consultant at the local or state level. My passion is sustainability issues involving traffic and urban development. With the coaxing of friends and family I have even sparked some interest in pursuing political office.

As for my interests in this course, that will be wait and see. I haven’t given much thought to becoming an entrepreneur, however establishing a sustainability consulting firm may be something I would be interested in. I have done a great deal of research on traffic, public transportation and urban planning in the Los Angeles metro area and hope to share my ideas with those that can put them to action.

I wish everyone the best of luck this semester.

Mark Moore Introduction

My name is Mark Moore and I currently live in Lake Ariel, Pa. I started my secondary education in 1990 when I attended Temple University. I majored in biology and unfortunately in my junior year I lacked the financial support to finish so had to withdraw. I then moved to NYC (East Harlem) where I worked at a mid-town restaurant, Sparks Steakhouse for 14 years. I was earning a very good living with free health care so my education was not a priority at that age of my life. In 2009, my wife and I moved permanently to Lake Ariel and I quickly realized how important education is in obtaining a ‘real career’.

I have always been interested in business and environmental issues. I would like to start a business in the renewable energy sector providing residential and commercial structures a clean source of energy. I plan on gaining experience in the energy/utility sector next summer working for Consolidated Edison in their development program(renewable/sustainability department). I have no prior experience in starting a business or even working in the energy sector, so my eyes and ears are wide open. I expect to learn a great deal in this course to help me better understand what is needed to start a business. I plan on working for ConEd for a few years to also gain knowledge in the energy sector. I hope to start my own company in 10 years based on all the knowledge and experience I will gain. I also hope to gain valuable knowledge from fellow classmates who already work in the energy field and from those who have started their own business’s.

I look forward to working with everyone this semester!

Design it Right

My name is Ronnie Raxter; I prefer to go by my middle name Cheri. I currently reside in a rural part of Northern California that is trying to break off into its own state (i.e. the State of Jefferson). Although I’ve called California home for the last eighteen years (like most people here) I’m not from here. All and all, I had lived in seven different states by the time I was thirteen and those homes varied from a busy life in Phoenix to the corner of a mountain in Idaho. Having experienced living without running water or electricity (in ID) I became very interested in energy consumption and waste at a young age. I have worked in the technical side of the Solar Photovoltaics (PV) industry for the last seven years and I’ve returned to school to obtain a BA in Energy and Sustainability. My interest in this course both follow my own interest in renewable energy as well as fall into a core course requirement for the degree that I’m pursuing.

As for running my own business, being a single mother for eleven years left me with the obligation of bringing home two incomes. During that time I had worked full time and freelanced on the side to bring in more money. I liked the idea of being my own boss and not having to pay a middleman (I made a lot of money), however the reality of sick days equals no pay, vacation time equals lost opportunity, and a bad economy equals less opportunities, made me realize that in my situation running a freelance business was not in my best interest. That being said, through my current position I have a unique look into the trials and tribulations of designing and installing a PV system and I personally see a need for a program that could easily size and engineer a PV system for people who are new to the industry. All and all, I think that removing the possibility of human error for new installers would have a significant impact on the renewable energy industry.

Personal Introduction

My name is Cynthia Walters, some people call me Cindy and you are welcome to use whichever you prefer. I don’t actually have a preference, I like both names. I grew up in Harrisburg, PA and I now live about 10 miles south of Harrisburg. I am currently enrolled in the World Campus based Energy and Sustainability Policy Program. It has been a wonderful experience being in this program, not only thanks to the curriculum but also the people involved. The other students, professors, course instructors, teaching assistants, and advisors all go above and beyond what is expected of them and seem passionate about what they do, which makes me proud to be a part of this group.

I work for the USDA’s Farm Service Agency and I’ve actually been in State College this week training for our new Dairy program. Typically, I work in the State Office in Harrisburg, PA, although I do travel sometimes to our 38 County Offices throughout the state to assist with policy and programs. I’ve been with the agency for close to 8 years now, have learned so much, and have had the opportunity to write and interpret policy and implement programs for Pennsylvania. I hope to further my career with the Federal Government, I believe that we need as many good people working for our government as we can get!

I have never started a business myself and I know that I have a lot to learn when it comes to this topic. I believe that wind and solar energy businesses are making an impact on the renewable energy industry and will continue to grow as better technology is discovered. I am not looking into creating a business for myself because I feel that being a public servant is more important to me, but I am eager to learn about it as much as I can. I really hope to someday have to opportunity to help write and implement policy that could make this world a better, healthier, and happier place.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me. I look forward to working with you all this semester!


Introduction – Amy Marrero

My name is Amy Marrero and I am a junior working towards a Bachelor in Energy and Sustainability Policy through Penn State World Campus. I grew up in a very small town in Wisconsin, where the total population was (when I lived there) 2,010 people. I left Wisconsin to enlist in the military and have lived in several different states since. I now reside in close to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania with my two daughters. I currently work in the energy industry, however, I desire to find a job in the green energy business field. I am very interested in wind energy and hydro, and I would like to help make them a part of our energy grid on a large scale. This course is a requirement for my major and I believe that in the course I might gather information about how to go off on my own to establish an entrepreneurship in green energy.

Coming straight from the military to a civilian job in the energy industry, I have never had the time or money to start my own business. When I was young I babysat several people’s children, and I even advertised my services to get more customers. I would not consider this an entrepreneurship, however because it was only myself making money so that I could pay for my old cellphone. My desire to promote green and renewable energy sources could be a major asset in starting an entrepreneurship. I would enjoy starting my own business that helps people to install wind turbines at the own home, helps them get funding, and perform studies and follow-up on the status of their energy use. A business that helped people ease into a different form of renewable energy would have a major impact on the renewable energy industry.

Getting to know Mike Reichart

Hello everyone! My name is Frank Reichart, although I do go my Michael. I cannot believe it, but I am actually a Junior majoring is ESP. I live and grew up in Cambridge Springs Pennsylvania. Cambridge Springs is a small town, about an hour South of Lake Erie and PSU Behrend. I actually attended Behrend for 3 semesters, and it was (still is) a fantastic campus. As far as a career that I am thinking of pursuing, I typically do not even know how to respond. I have grown up doing residential improvements, so a part of me wants help homeowners be sure that they have proper insulation, efficient lighting and up to date appliances. Then I actually see a wind turbine, and I feel that I should be involved with renewable energy. So I honestly do not know exactly what specific field I might join, and I am open to suggestions. The biggest thing I am thinking about and leaning towards is spending time with the Peace Corps upon graduation. I could learn so much, and right now I have nothing holding me back. My main interest in this course is Energy Auditing on a Residential and Commercial Scale. There are many homeowners who ask for my opinion of efficiency energy used in their homes, so it will nice to have proper training.

I personally have not legally started a business, but it is trend that runs in my family. Therefore I have learned that anyone who has started a business deserves massive credit. I have helped to start, resolve daily issues, and even close companies that my family owns, so I am very excited so learn more about entrepreneurship. I feel that the entertainment business will have a huge impact on renewable energy. Television and movies which show people using renewable energy successfully will make people more aware of the industry we have. Of course this might not be the case for the writers of this blog, but I feel that if Family Guy or (name a popular film) were to have some solid episodes focusing on renewable energy, that there might at least be a spike of potential sales. I am sure everyone will have a different answer to the last question though, and I am looking forward to reading them.

Mike Reichart

Katie Loyd- Getting to Know You

Hi my name is Katie Loyd and I am a sophomore majoring in the ESP program. I just moved to Hopkins, MN two days ago! I travel and relocate often due to my husband’s career in the natural gas field. To give you a good idea, I lived in 19 different houses/apartments and 14 different states in the last two years! Although, my stomping grounds will always be a small town called Champion embedded in the Pennsylvania hills. As an ESP student, I am looking for career opportunities that focus heavily upon sustainability within the community within residential and commercial areas. Due to the fact that I travel a lot and have the chance to see how people within their community respond to their surroundings, I feel that I have gained a great deal of knowledge to what can make a sustainable community. Therefore, I am examining careers in sustainable housing development such as a project coordinator for commercial and residential areas. One of my dream jobs would be to design and construct a “green” community or even my own business that the residents or clients can come to and not only learn how they are contributing to saving our precious fossil fuels but renew the sense of significance that renewable resources have to offer. I have a lot of far-reaching idea’s that probably have too much hope in the clientele; nevertheless, that is why I decided to take this course. I hope to gain an understanding about what makes a business successful in a fossil fuel deprived and uninformed community! I hope that my ideas can become more of a plan and one day turn into reality. I have always thought that man-kind has meant to do good weather in economic or ethical terms. However, I feel that the people need a little push or tug in the right direction when it comes to ecological morals simply for the fact that they are not properly informed.

As you can see, I have some ideas but I’m nowhere near starting my own business; however, it seems that small local businesses could have significant impacts on the renewable energy industry. As I mentioned earlier, people need a push in the right direction for the energy industry is changing at a rapid pace. The local community needs to see what the benefits are with renewable resources before they can truly appreciate the transformation. I believe it can start as simple as solar panels on a local coffee shop with a monitoring screens to show the clientele how much electricity that company is saving. The residential and commercial areas could start with numerous small investments in the renewable resource sector to gain a wider, more distinguished sustainable community. Once the global commitment begins, it should only expand upon the next business or neighbor!

Kaitlyn Tully- Intro

Hi my name is Kaitlyn but I go by Kaity. I am in my last year of the ESP program and currently live in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. I moved here after living in Australia for a year and before that I lived my whole life in California, so I’m adjusting to the cold in Wyoming. I have a BS in Hospitality and my current job mixes the two as I’m working for a lodging company as the environmental coordinator. I love my job but I would like to get into working with other countries to help them build sustainable developments/communities. I have even thought of starting my own business doing this sometime in the future so this class is exactly what I need to figure out if it is even possible!

During my senior year of high school we had to start a business for a class so my friends and I made t-shirts but that’s about all the start up experience I have. I think my idea of helping developing countries build sustainable communities would have a significant impact on the industry since they would be starting sustainable from the beginning rather than what we are doing now trying to back track.

Marielle Martin – Introduction

My name is Marielle Martin. I am a senior in the Energy and Sustainability Policy program. For all 22 years of my life, home has been in the Hershey, PA area. My goals, in terms of a career in sustainability, have to do with minimalism and living small. I plan to earn a master’s degree in environmental engineering after graduation, specifically to start a company building micro/tiny homes and other sustainable projects. In fact, I’m working on blueprints and planning for a pilot project home of my own right now. I hope to have my own ‘tiny house’, in under 150 square feet, completed by the time I graduate in a year and a half. This course should be right up my alley based on these interests. I hope this class will serve as a ‘practice run’ for my future business and personal goals.

I have never started a business myself. My parents are self-employed though, running a specialty carpentry business. I have worked on projects with my father and seen a lot that goes into the paperwork and management side that my mother handles. I believe that businesses involved in off-grid, minimalist style home construction, as I plan to get involved in, are very important to advancing renewable energy. These businesses must be well versed in a wide variety of renewable options in order to cater to client needs, climate conditions, and local regulations. Using diverse renewable energy supplies to power both on and off-grid homes will provide people with a feeling of confidence and independence that will help renewable energy gain popularity and prestige as an industry. Additionally, as population increases, open space becomes more limited, and resources run low, smaller more efficient and self-sufficient homes and lifestyles will become increasingly necessary. This transition will create business for ‘tiny house’ construction and the renewable energy industry.

Lesson 1 – Mark Mulhollem

Hi my name is Mark Mulhollem and I am an ESP major. I live in central New Jersey but I grew up in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I love the outdoors and spend a lot of time in the Pocono Mountains. My father’s family is from Altoona, Pa where we have a long history in the coal industry. I presently work for a large pharmaceutical company as an electrical coordinator. I hold an electrical license and own my own business. When I graduate this spring I plan on doing some consulting in the electrical power, distribution and renewable energy field. A long with consulting, I hope to write sustainable policies for the government and legislators. I look forward to this course. I hope to sharpen my skills that will help me make my future endeavors come true.

I have had a few businesses over the years and still own two. The first business I was a partner in was when I was in college back in the 80’s. While attending PSU in Scranton I sold ultralight airplanes and gave training lessons. I was 22 years old and went into business with my best friend, Tim. The name of the company was Adler Aviation. Adler means eagle in German. We flew and taught on of Tim’s father’s farm in Tafton. We made a grass runway on top of a hill and put up a hanger for the airplanes. Our office was a 40’ long tractor trailer, “the trailer part”, we got for free. We didn’t make any money but we got to fly a lot. It was a lot of fun. We also got to meet some nice people like Mario Andritti, the race car driver. Back then you didn’t need a pilot license to fly an ultralight. We could fold it up and put in on the roof of a truck and transport it anywhere. We even put it on our truck and drove it to Florida to fly at the Sun n Fun air show. I learned a lot about being in business but didn’t make a lot of money. I mention this so that the younger students can see that even if you don’t become a huge success you can still take something away from the experience.

In the future I would like to expand my present business and implement a metering service that provides people with real time knowledge of what their electrical usage is in their homes. I would like to give people the exact price they are paying for every appliance they use. Then give them advice on how to reduce their consumption and their monthly bills.